Monday, January 28, 2008

Royalty Free Digital Images

SF Bay Images Royalty-Free Licenses:

Royalty-Free Licences grant the right to use the image in a derivative work or compilation for multiple projects without additional fees. This license specifically excludes use of the image AS IS on products for sale such as on-demand including but not limited to postcards, posters, t-shirts or any merchandise. For rights managed licensing please contact, 415-331-3804. The royalty-free license is not transferable. The image may not be resold. If you or your client use the image in a derivative work, the image may not be sold or used separately as is.

SF Bay Images Royalty-Free Images may not be used in a defamatory manner of any person place or thing in the image. Royalty Free images may be used for editorial uses and are specifically designed for the travel industry and portraying San Francisco, but not for negative campaigns editorial uses towards any person, place or thing in the images. SF Bay Images is not allied with any causes. If you have ANY questions regarding this issue, please contact us.

SF Bay Images Royalty-Free Images are affordable priced assuming you use this automatic digital download website. If you need custom alterations, cropping, print conversions or assistance, a higher rate will apply. The file size is clearly indicated, make sure it fits your needs. SF Bay Images Royalty-Free Images are from a variety of cameras, from early digital to current best of breed.

SF Bay Images Royalty Free License For Print Alternatively, this royalty-free image may be used for single run single print for fine art or decorative purposes. An image may be used for a single print or for creative derrivative work, but not both.

Royalty-Free Licenses are non-exclusive. SF Bay Digital Images retain the copyright.

© Copyright 2002-2011 , All rights reserved. By using and visiting this site you acknowledge that these images are copyrighted and belong to Buy purchasing and downloading images you aknowledge and agree to the terms of the licensing.

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